Enrollment information

  Enrollment information  

Good Shepherd Lutheran School exists to assist the families of our congregation, and also our community, by providing a high quality Christ-centered education for training lifelong Disciples of Christ.

Good Shepherd Lutheran School...
  • Offers full-time Christian education for grades preschool through eighth grade.
  • Provides opportunities for children to excel in all areas: academic, music, athletics, technology.
  • Is nationally accredited, awarded "exemplary school" status.
  • Has test score averages well above state and national levels.
  • Is served by six full-time teachers, plus additional support staff.
  • Serves its students with teachers who are qualified, dedicated, caring and certified by the 4th largest private/parochial school system in the United States--Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). This system includes 324 Lutheran elementary schools, 403 childhood ministries, and 23 area Lutheran high schools.
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More Information:
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Non-Discriminatory Policy
Good Shepherd Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, nationality and ethnic origin to all the rights, priveleges, programs, and activites generally accorded or made available to the students at our school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educaitonal policies, admission policies, athletics or other school administered programs.


"I am so grateful for the education I received at Good Shepherd Lutheran.  Academically, I was more than prepared to excel in high school.  I was challenged to work hard in the classroom because each of my teachers knew me as an individual.  Good Shepherd also provided a unique opportunity to learn within faith community every day. I would highly recommend Good Shepherd to anyone considering to attend." 
Chelsea Greco 

"I go to college for free because of Good Shepherd. As early as second grade, I was taught the meaning of taking responsibility for my actions and the effort that I put into my school work. The work I did in school was a way to praise God with my gifts and even as a sophomore in college, I never forget that. When high school loomed, and I would have to leave the friendly confines of Good Shepherd, I just remembered to focus on the work, utilizing the talents God gave me, and the instruction I received at Good Shepherd. I graduated second in my class because of it. I am not exceptionally smart but with hard work and effort, I was able to excel in a high school setting. Excelling in a high school setting lends itself to a greater number of scholarship opportunities and a greater number of schools willing to offer acceptance. It wasn't the ABCs or learning my math facts that set Good Shepherd apart. You can go anywhere for that. But it was having teachers who cared, who knew you and your family, on a personal level, and even a spiritual level. It was having teachers that knew what you were capable of, not expecting more than you could handle, but testing your limits and pushing you farther than you knew possible.I never knew that in fourth grade that I could handle an eight class schedule per day, but I did and once I made it to eleventh grade, having two AP courses and four other regular classes didn't phase me, the way it did to the other non-Good Shepherd students at the public high school I attended. Even in college, having a four or five class load per term doesn't phase me. I have been doing this since I was nine years old. Good Shepherd is the greatest preparation for high school, college, and the real world. Your kids will forget what they learned in sixth grade, but they will not forget how they were treated, how they were able to overcome adversity, and excel in challenging environment. I still have not forgotten and I am already six years removed." 
Tanner Robbins

"As I am entering my 20th year of being a student working towards my doctorate, my favorite teacher to this day is Miss Baumann. The lessons and experiences Miss Baumann taught me I still use regularly. It takes a very special person and teacher to be able to provide students with such meaningful lessons that they are still a major part of your memory 16 years later. The commitment of every single teacher to the students is exceptional. Opportunities to explore each student’s needs and strengths in music, arts, sports, academics and faith directly correlates with the incredible staff that make Good Shepherd such an amazing place.Good Shepherd set the foundation for my academics, interpersonal relationships and individualized education. I feel blessed to have gone to Good Shepherd from Kindergarten to 8th grade."
Chaeli Greco

"My time at Good Shepherd was absolutely invaluable and I would not be the same person, student, Christian I am today without it. During my early years, the things I learned both inside the classroom and outside I still use today. Educators like Miss Baumann and Mr. Indahl had such a profound impact on my life, that I still speak with them today. They are more like family than former teachers. I am currently pursuing my MBA after finishing my undergraduate degree in four years. I felt more prepared than any of my classmates once I got to high school, and the learning I did in my early years put me far ahead of my peers who went to public school. Coming from a smaller grad school, we were also taught equality and treating others the right way. Good Shepherd also strengthened my faith immensely, to help me withstand social pressures of going to a public high school and beyond. The training we received from Pastor Sievert and all the teachers at school is what I am most grateful for. I am more well versed in the Bible and it's teachings than most adults I know because of what I was taught at Good Shepherd. I will forever be grateful to Good Shepherd for all it taught me and for instilling in me a strong Christian faith."
Joe Greco

"Prior to enrolling our kids at Good Shepherd Lutheran School, my wife and I were discussing home schooling our children.  After visiting the school, touring the facility and meeting the staff we were convinced Good Shepherd would provide the type of education we desired.  We discovered the teachers had high standards and expectations of all their students.  The staff provided a true Christian setting for learning and fellowshipping.  Good Shepherd continues to provide the Christian based education we desire for our children." 
John Koltes 

"I sent all 3 of my children to Good Shepherd for a lot of reasons but one of the best is because it has given them a great start on their faith, because there is Christian Education class everyday “Christ Light” has been the series they have followed for awhile. The great teachers that have always been apart of my children’s lives no matter if they have moved to other churches or stayed right here, they keep the children focus on the “word”. I pray it will always be a part of their lives and it will be continued on to their children too."

"I love the school, because it let me find my talents at my own pace. It was very one on one, I could call my teacher at 7pm, because I was stuck on a problem. I now love working there along side one of my amazing teachers. I never felt put aside, and I really cherished my teachers after all I always had them for more than one year! Nick and I will be sending our kids there one day too, because I know they get an amazing education focused on God's Word! It doesn't get any better than that!"
Sarah Dodenhof