Looking for a church...

  Looking for a church...  

"Our family is looking for a church. Do you have some suggestions?"

There are many things people look for in a church. Some prefer the close, family atmosphere of a small church. Some like the many programs offered in a large church. But if you are looking for a great church that will truly meet your needs, I would suggest there is something far more important.

A church is great only to the degree that it follows Christ’s teachings. We believe he is great, and that the closer we are to him and his Word, the greater our church and our families will be. We don’t believe we have all the answers, but we believe God does. So at our church you’ll hear God’s truth straight from the Bible applied to your life today. You'll hear the whole truth and nothing but his truth. Therefore, I can’t promise you that you will always hear what you want to hear. But I do promise that you’ll always hear what you need to hear. Delivered in love. That’s Good Shepherd.

Our congregation averages 220 worshipers per weekend. Our 10:30am service on Sunday is typically the most crowded. Our members are warm, inviting, genuine, loving and kind. We are a family-oriented church. Our school (preschool through 8th grade school with 90 students) and the families it serves are a priority, and this family focus carries over into our other ministries.

Want to find out more? I would encourage you to come to our class in which we cover all of the basic teachings of the Bible. We call it "The Bible and You." This also serves as our membership class. Those who finish the course and agree that we’re on target with what the Bible says are invited to be members of the church. Contact the church for more information on class times.

In addition, please come to our worship services and Bible study! We have services at 6pm Saturday, and at 8am and 10:30am Sunday. (Same service repeated 3 times. Come when it's most convenient for you.) At 9:15am Sunday is family Bible study hour. The kids go to Sunday school and learn a Bible history lesson while the adults gather in the church lower level for encouragement from God's Word. The atmosphere is very casual, open and discussion oriented. You’ll find much in this class to build up your faith!